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Guest Nia Vardalos

From the outside looking in, Nia Vardalos had it all going on. The Winnipeg girl found fame after her one-woman show caught the attention of Hollywood royals Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. With their help, she turned it into a surprise-hit movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which took in more than $240 mill at the box office. The doors of Hollywood swung open and network TV series spun off from the movie followed.

But as is the manner of these things, all was not what it seemed. After a decade of unsuccessful fertility treatments and failed attempts at adoption, Nia was desperate to become a parent. That’s when she discovered the American foster-care system. She applied, got the call and within 14 hours she and her husband – actor Ian Gomez – were parents to a little girl. Nia recounts this story in her book Instant Mom.

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