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Guest Neve Campbell

Hard to believe it's been 15 years since 'Scream' killed off all those scary-movie cliches, re-invented the teen-slasher film and made Neve Campbell this generation's Horror Queen. Even though she was never really into scary movies.

As a kid, Neve was all about ballet. She started dancing at six and by nine was training at the National Ballet School in Toronto. By 15 though, she was stressed, injured and burned out. So, Neve turned to acting and landed a lead role on 'Party of Five'. The show won a Golden Globe and helped launch her film career. She got steamy in 'Wild Things' and laughed it up with Matthew Perry in 'Three To Tango'.

Then, just when you thought she might go all rom-com on you, Neve poured her heart into her dream project - a film called 'The Company'. It's an acclaimed ballet drama that Neve produced, co-wrote and starred in. And yes, she did all her own dancing. She even broke a rib while shooting and worked through the pain.

Since then, Neve has worked on the stage in London and spoken out on the environmental impact of the Alberta tar sands. Now, more than a decade after 'Scream 3', Neve returns to Woodsboro in 'Scream 4'. And before long, gets reunited with her old friend Ghostface.

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