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Guest Neill Blomkamp
If you're looking to make it big in the movie biz, low budget sci-fi isn't likely your recipe for success.  Unless you're Neill Blomkamp - then, it's your calling card.

Born in South Africa, and now calling Vancouver home, Neill's been making short films for years.  One in particular - 'Alive in Joburg' - caught the eye of Peter Jackson, the director of 'Lord of the Rings.'  He was so impressed, he collaborated with Neill on a feature length version of Joburg - which is now known worldwide as 'District 9.'
Neill co-wrote and directed it.  The movie is about aliens who descend on the city of Johannesburg, are given refuge, and then are confined to a government camp that becomes a slum.  The film is meant to parallel apartheid era South Africa - and audiences ate it up.
'District 9' received four Oscar nominations, including best picture.  And Time Magazine recently named Neill one of the 100 most influential people of 2010.
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