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Guest Natasha Carruthers

Talk about a parent's worst nightmare. A ship carrying a boatful of kids - including yours - sinks.

Are they okay? For a long time... no one knows. Luckily, this story has a happy ending. So, where did all this begin? With a program called Class Afloat. Basically, teens sail the world, taking classes, manning the deck, and presumably, getting the experience of a lifetime.

Forty-eight students and eight teachers from a college in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia definitely got one of those - just not the one they had in mind. On February 17th, their ship hit rough seas off the coast of Brazil. The boat capsized - and twenty minutes later, sunk. The crew got everyone off - and into lifeboats - in time. But the ordeal was far from over.

The students spent nearly forty hours and two frantic nights on the open sea - before Brazilian authorities could pinpoint their location, and merchant marine boats swept in to the rescue

The students - including Natasha Carruthers - are now back home, safe and sound - but investigations continue - into why their ship went down.

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