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Guest Naomi Wolf

If you ask Naomi Wolf, there are two pivotal problems with female sexuality in 2013.

One: Women aren't taking enough ownership of it. And two: Men are taking too much.

And that's what spurred her to write this book - 'Vagina: A New Biography'. It's an exploration of the neuro-biological connection between a woman's brain and her vagina.

Immediately, the book touched a nerve: 'TMI' said some reviewers, while others questioned the science behind Naomi's claims.

But criticism is nothing new to Naomi, who helped kick-start a new wave of feminism with 'The Beauty Myth', an account of the way impossible standards of beauty work against women.

'The Beauty Myth' became a staple of feminist literature, and since its publication, Naomi has made it one of her goals to try to change the conversation about women's bodies without excluding men.

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