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Guest Naomi Watts

In a lot of ways, Naomi Watts has activism in her blood. Her mom was a feminist filmmaker, and her dad - a doctor, who left the US to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam War. Growing up in Montreal, Naomi wasn't really into causes. She says she was a brat who hung out at the mall.

But in 1989, all that changed - when the Montreal massacre happened. Naomi was the editor of the University of Toronto's student newspaper, and she started writing about gender and race, then dropped out of school to write full time. Fast forward to 1999, and Naomi had her first book - No Logo. It was a rant against consumer culture and big corporations and it became an instant bestseller.

In 2004, Naomi teamed up with her husband - journalist Avi Lewis - to produce 'The Take', a documentary about factory workers who took over an auto parts plant in Argentina. She followed that up with another bestseller - 2007's 'The Shock Doctrine.' It's about governments and corporations that make money off disasters like Hurricane Katrina, or wars, like the one in Iraq. And it gave us the phrase "disaster capitalism." Now, Naomi is back with a tenth anniversary edition of 'No Logo.'

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