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Guest Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock might be the only person ever to be launched into stardom by liver failure and a plummeting sex drive.

But that's what happened in 2004: Morgan ate McDonald's - and only McDonald's - for 30 days, and the effects on his body and mind were pretty crazy. He captured his experience in the documentary 'Super Size Me.' There were a lot of Big Macs and an even bigger message: Even with something as basic as food, we constantly have to question what corporations, governments and industry is selling us.

It was that audacity that ignited his later films. He traveled through the Middle East in the hope of finding Osama Bin Laden. His movie 'POM Wonderful' explored how product placement influences what we buy. And he created a TV show, "30 Days," where regular people spend a month living outside their comfort zone - he convinced a hunter to live with a vegan family, and even got a homophobe to live in a gay household.

Now Morgan's working on a new kind of co-production: His four-year old son Laker. And as he strives to be an inspiration to his kid, Morgan got the chance to work with one of his own idols: Stan Lee, the creator of 'Spider-Man,' and the godfather of the modern comic book. They've teamed up on a new film called 'Comic-Con IV: A Fan's Hope.' It's a celebration of the pop-culture icons we all grew up with and the fun of passing them down to our kids.

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