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Guest Molly Parker

One thing you can say about Molly Parker: she knows how to get noticed.

Now, her life started out simple enough. She was born in Maple Ridge, B.C. and grew up on what she calls "a hippy farm." She started ballet at three and at 17 enrolled in the Gastown Actors' Studio.

Then, came her feature film debut in a movie called Kissed. And what a debut. Molly played a necrophiliac funeral-home worker who has "romantic moments" with the clientele. The film caused shockwaves, earned her a Genie Award and a bunch of offers to play dark, edgy roles. She was a lap dancer in The Center of the World and an escort in Suspicious River.

She's also starred in hit TV shows like Deadwood and Six Feet Under.

Molly's latest film is called Trigger. It's directed by Bruce McDonald and also stars the late Tracy Wright, who recently died of cancer. It's the story of two former rock stars, trying to rebuild the friendship and magic they once had.

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