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Guest Moby

He's called himself an 'accidental superstar.' But Moby is so much more. He's a trailblazer in electronic music, a sharp cultural observer and an outspoken vegan. In fact, his political views are as individual as his music.

And like a lot of great music, Moby was born in Harlem. He was raised by his mom and played in punk bands as a teen. Then, Moby got into deejaying and struck a chord with a little rave anthem called 'Go'. That became a hit for Moby, but then he took a hard turn with a dark punk record called 'Animal Rights'. It was poorly received, failed to sell and almost ended his career.

For a while, Moby floated on the periphery. But all that changed with the release of 'Play.' Ad agencies found the new Moby to be the ideal soundtrack to sell products. Moby licensed every track for commercial use and found himself with his biggest audience ever. But then - Moby will tell you - he lost his way. He chased success, partied too hard and in the process, made himself miserable.

These days though, Moby is back. He's sober, and has a new record called 'Destroyed'. It explores the strange world of an artist on tour. And it's meant to be listened to as it was recorded - late at night, when your city has gone to sleep.

At the moment, Moby is gearing up for a short North American tour, with stops in Toronto and Montreal in October.

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