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Guest Mick Foley

If you only know Mick Foley for his wrestling, you don't really know Mick Foley.

Now, don't get me wrong: Mick was born to wrestle; Picasso had paint, Mozart had music, and Mick Foley had ladder matches. Over the years, he earned a reputation as one of the toughest guys in the business. Some of his early matches were a masochist's dream, featuring thumbtacks, barbed wire; even explosives - think about that the next time someone describes wrestling as "fake". Even after he reached the WWE, wrestling's biggest stage, Mick continued to punish his body, all in the name of entertainment.

In many ways, Mick defied convention: his most famous creation was Mankind, a deranged loner who had conversations with a sock. It may, literally, sound crazy, but Mick became one of the most popular figures in pro wrestling. It makes you wonder, in a world of violence, what was it about Mick that inspired so much affection?

Even outside of the ring, Mick isn't what you'd expect. He's written four memoirs which reveal another side of Mick's personality: devoted family man, Tori Amos fan, and strong advocate for the anti-sexual violence charity, RAINN.

Now, he's trying his hand at comedy, embarking on what he calls 'The Hardcore Comedy Tour'. So, can a guy who made a living as a fighter, leave a legacy of laughter, and compassion?

You can catch Mick at the following shows:

Oshawa, Ont., Groove Lounge, Nov. 30
Windsor, Ont., Leo's Komedy Morner, Dec. 1
Toronto, Ont., Underground Cinema, Dec. 2
Waterloo, Ont., Starlight, Dec. 3

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