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Guest Michelle Yeoh

How many actors have played a real-life Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a geisha, a martial arts master, an astronaut, and a stunt-crazy, sexy sidekick to James Bond, 007? Just one - the amazing, pioneering Michelle Yeoh.

Michelle is no stranger to a good fight: from those dazzling kung fu scenes in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' ... to the way she re-invented the role of the 'Bond Girl' in 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. In fact, Yeoh has been blazing trails ever since she drop-kicked her way to the top of Hong Kong's action-movie scene in the early '90s - matching the likes of Jackie Chan, stunt for stunt. Not bad for a former Miss Malaysia who quickly became the highest-paid female actor in Asia.

Michelle has also become a passionate spokesperson, educating people on the importance of road safety in developing nations. So, playing the role of Burmese leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi - someone who's spent decades fighting for democracy - is a perfect fit. 'The Lady' tells the story of the pro-democracy advocate who spent nearly 15 years in detention, sacrificing love and family in her efforts to return Burma to civilian rule. The role of a lifetime.

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