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Guest Michael Moore

Okay, Michael Moore, even if you don't know him personally - I bet you know his politics. Just watch one of his films.

'Bowling For Columbine' - Pro Gun Control, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' -Anti-war, anti-Bush. Or how about 'Sicko' - a call for public health care in America. Throw in the ball cap and baggy jeans, and you've got a poster boy for the left.

So, how did Michael get here? Well, he was born in Flint, Michigan. When he was a kid, General Motors was the centre of the local economy. Michael's dad worked at a GM plant - so did his grandfather. But not Michael. He got into journalism, and by his early thirties, he was editor of the left wing magazine 'Mother Jones.' Four months later - fired!

Michael sued for wrongful dismissal, and settled out of court for fifty-eight grand. He took that money, and put it into his first documentary 'Roger & Me.' It was about his hometown - Flint. GM had picked up and left, the economy had collapsed, and Michael blamed it on a big, bad corporation. But did you know this? To get the movie done, Michael needed more cash. How did he get it? He ran bingo games and sold his house.

Along the way, he's written three best sellers. Plus, he's done TV and feature films. Maybe you remember 'Canadian Bacon'? But documentaries are his thing. His latest one looks at the current economic meltdown. It's called 'Capitalism: A Love Story.'

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