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Guest Megan Follows

Canadian stereotypes are legion – maple syrup, Mounties, polar bears, socialized medicine. But there’s one little girl who made herself a symbol of this country around the world – Anne of Green Gables. The fictional creation of Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne was the orphan who endeared herself to a family and community in P.E.I. And she created an industry, a huge part of which was Anne of Green Gables, the TV movie that was broadcast on CBC over 25 years ago.

Megan Follows not only played Anne, she became the synonymous Anne in many Canadians' minds. The movie was one of the highest-rated Canadian TV dramas ever, and Follows was at the centre of it. But Anne wasn’t the beginning or the end of Follows’s career, though – she’s been in just about everything, from Law and Order to The X-Files, as well as maintaining a parallel career on stage. It’s in her blood – her mother (Dawn Greenhalgh) and father (Ted Follows) come from acting, too.

Now Follows is playing the conniving would-be mother-in-law of Mary, Queen of Scots on Reign, and she’s taking on the role of director with The Carousel, at the Nightwood Theatre (at the Berkeley Street Theatre) in Toronto from March 11-30.

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