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Guest Meg Tilly

Last Christmas, Meg Tilly's sister gave her a bracelet. That bracelet had an inscription: "It's never too late to be who you might have been." Meg knew instantly what she had to do: after 18 years, it was time to return to acting.

It was quite a career she had walked away from: Meg was trained as a dancer, and her first acting gig? The movie 'Fame'. She starred in 'The Big Chill' when she was only 23 and 'Agnes of God' soon after that.

But that's when Meg retreated from the scene and into the wilds of B.C. to raise her sons and focus her other creative outlet: writing. Some of Meg's Young Adult novels have dealt with the same themes of sexual and physical abuse that she herself experienced as a kid.

But Meg has found her way back with courage and grace -- two qualities she shares with her character Lorna in her current series, 'Bomb Girls'.

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