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Guest Meat Loaf

Classic rock doesn't get any more classic than 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'. With that, Meat Loaf cemented his place in music history.

His record 'Bat Out of Hell' has sold more than 40 million copies - one of the top-selling albums of ALL TIME. And just so you know, Meat Loaf, surprisingly, isn't his given name. He was born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas. And apparently, picked up the nickname because he was a meaty kid.

His mom died when he was a teenager. And the story goes - his dad came after him with a knife, in a drunken rage. That was it for Meat. He hit the road for LA, and hit the stage - in musicals like 'Hair' and 'Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

Well, he caught the eye of music producer/songwriter Jim Steinman, and together, in 1977, they put out 'Bat Out of Hell.'

There were other albums, but the next biggie was 'Bat Out of Hell Two' in 1993 - which gave us this number one hit - 'I'd Do Anything For Love'. Meat's also dabbled in movies, from 'Wayne's World' to 'Fight Club.'

Now, he's on to album number eleven. It's called 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear.'

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