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Guest Massive Attack

Back in the 1990's, electronic music exploded. And one of the main reasons was the British band Massive Attack.

Massive Attack emerged from Bristol, England - with a sound that hadn't really been heard before. Music critics eventually named it 'trip hop' - A sort of low key fusion of hip hop, electronica and dance. And Massive Attack were its pioneers, influencing bands like Portishead, Morcheeba, and solo artist Tricky - that is, when he wasn't already collaborting with Massive Attack.

Their debut album - 'Blue Lines' - came out in 1991, and produced a number of hit singles. But their biggest hit - 'Teardrop' - came from their third album 'Mezzanine.'

The band is also known for its ever changing rotation of guest vocalists - including the legendary Neneh Cherry, and the long wait between studio albums. Their latest release - 'Heligoland' - is their first album in seven years.

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