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Guest Martin Sheen

Up first, dear old dad. Martin Sheen was born in Dayton, Ohio as Ramon Estevez. And Ramon had siblings. Nine in all - eight other boys, and one girl. In fact, Martin didn't get a bed of his own, until his last year of high school. Another big event happened in high school: Martin decided to pursue acting.

Since then, what a career! Five decades in the business. And his roles have run the gamut, from 'Apocalypse Now' to his more recent work on 'The West Wing.'

But Martin's passions also extend to politics. Did you know he's been arrested more than 70 times for various acts of civil disobedience? Now, somewhere along the way, Martin found time to have four kids - all of whom, went on to become actors.

And of course, there's his oldest boy, Emilio - who carved out quite the career of his own. He was a brat packer, a young gun, and of course, coach Gordon Bombay in 'The Mighty Ducks.'

In recent years, Emilio directed the feature 'Bobby' - which featured his dad.
And now, he's directing pops again in a new film called 'The Way.'
It's about a father who pays tribute to his dead son, by completing a traditional religious pilgrimage.

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