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Guest Mark Ruffalo

It wasn't that long ago that Mark Ruffalo thought he'd given up acting for good. He felt burnt out by Hollywood and scarred by the death of his brother, who died tragically a year earlier. Mark got rid of his agent and publicist and moved his family to a rural community in upstate New York. Just one project remained: 'The Kids Are All Right'. He thought it would be his acting swan song, but the role - which won him an Oscar nod - rekindled his love for acting.

It wasn't the first time Mark had thought about jacking it in; as a struggling actor, he says he auditioned for 800 roles before finally landing a good one - alongside Laura Linney in 'You Can Count On Me'. Mark won rave reviews, but just as his career was gathering steam he developed a rare brain tumour that left his face partially paralyzed for 10 months. Not only did he think it was the end of his career, but maybe his life.

Mark says the experience ultimately changed his life for the better - he returned to work fully recovered, with a renewed sense of perspective and appreciation. It also gave him the courage to become a determined and (sometimes controversial) environmental activist; he supported the Occupy movement, took his kids to Washington to protest the KeystoneXL pipeline, and founded a nonprofit organization called Water Defense. Now he's bringing the whole 'green' thing to the next level in his new movie, 'The Avengers.' Mark plays The Hulk in the star-studded superhero blockbuster, and surprisingly, says he found some parallels between himself and the green, angry monster.

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