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Guest Mark Burnett

Over the last decade TV has really only experienced one seismic revolution: The explosion of unscripted, reality programming.

Shows like 'The Voice', 'The Apprentice', and the grand-daddy of them all: 'Survivor'.

The guy responsible for all these shows - the guy who set off the explosion - is Mark Burnett.

But before he was a reality-TV brand, Mark was a young man in search of adventure. He served with the British Army in Northern Ireland, and in the Falklands War. He sold T-shirts on Venice Beach.

And when he did break into TV, it was like the networks didn't know what hit them.

Now Mark's teamed up with his wife, actor Roma Downey of 'Touched By An Angel' fame, for a show he promises will be bigger than the rest of them combined:

And it's a big story. An epic five-part mini-series... simply called 'The Bible'.

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