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Guest Marisa Tomei

When Marisa Tomei was growing up in Brooklyn, her mom, an English teacher, would correct her Brooklyn accent. Seems funny, since Marisa wound up playing a character with one of the most memorable New Yawhker accents around - Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny. Oh, and she won the Oscar for it, too.

And just like Mona Lisa, Marisa was a big dreamer: she dropped out of university to give acting a go, landed on A Different World - you may remember her alongside Lisa Bonet - then after the Oscar, which is a rarity for comedy, she landed some pretty intense dramas: The Wrestler earned Marisa her third Oscar nod.

One of her latest films is a Canadian story, of sorts: Inescapable premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and finds Marisa's character amidst the chaos of modern-day Syria.

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