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Guest Margot Kidder

You know you've been in a relationship for a while when you start picking up each other's little habits: Liking the same music...dressing the same...or saving the world.

Margot Kidder is best known for playing Lois Lane in the Superman movies. And you could say the Man of Steel made quite an impression, because the sequel to Margot's acting career? Becoming a passionate activist for the environment. Margot was recently arrested at the White House for protesting the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline.

Margot is also quite outspoken about mental health: she herself successfully manages the bipolar disorder that led to a highly publicized breakdown 16 years ago, and she's continued with the acting career that's seen her work with everyone from Norman Jewison to Richard Pryor. She's also played a real-life leading lady to Pierre Trudeau, whom she had an influence on, and who inspired her to take a stand.

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