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Guest Marc Maron

It wasn’t too long ago that fan told comedian Mark Maron that he reminded her of Woody Allen — an angry Woody Allen. “An Iggy Pop Woody Allen," she said.

“Mmm,” said Mark. “I like that.”

Watch him perform and you can see why. With material plucked from his own obsessions and pet peeves (many of which have to do with his two failed marriages and the lonely, frustrating life of a stand-up comic) Marc’s performances always leave you laughing, but also a little sad for the guy.

You know what? It used to be worse.

Four years ago he was broke and embittered and went out to his garage to sit down with a microphone and some friends and hash it all out. Through his WTF podcast, Marc has talked to the likes of Louis CK and former Kid in the Hall Dave Foley. More importantly, he recalibrated his life for the better. That doesn’t mean he’s stopped complaining about his life and his old relationships. See for yourself on his IFC television show or his Netflix special. He just does it from a better place.

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