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Guest Mandy Patinkin

When 'The Princess Bride' first opened in theaters it wasn't much of a hit. More people actually went to see 'Like Father, Like Son' - the very forgettable movie starring Dudley Moore and future lightning-rod-for-controversy Kirk Cameron. But over the years, 'The Princess Bride' has became one of the beloved movies of all time

Mandy Patinkin was just 26 when he played the vengeance-seeking, sword-swinging Spaniard, Inigo Montoya. And just like his character he knew what it felt like to lose a father too soon; which meant the revenge theme had personal meaning for him.

While 'The Princess Bride' was where many of us first saw him first, Mandy was already a seasoned actor when Rob Reiner tapped him for the part. He got his start on Broadway, where he won a Tony for his role as Che in 'Evita'.

Throughout his career, Mandy's never been afraid to tackle complex characters, as he did in 'Chicago Hope' and in 'Criminal Minds' - a show he left over what were called 'creative differences'.

In fact, Mandy's battled to maintain a career on his terms, which is why he's thrilled to be playing CIA chief Saul Berenson on 'Homeland': a show that bravely holds a mirror to our times.

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