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Guest Lyle Lovett

When people hear the name Lyle Lovett, they often think 'good ol' fashioned' country star. But in reality, Lyle goes way beyond his country roots, and is one of the most respected musicians around.

Born and raised in Texas, Lyle grew up on his family's horse ranch. At eighteen, he went to Texas A&M, and started writing his own music. A few years later, he studied in Germany, and dabbled in the European music scene. When he got home, Lyle released a demo, went to Nashville to sing back up, and caught the ear of a record label.

Next thing you know, he put out his debut album, and was on the country top forty. But never one to be boxed in, Lyle followed that up with the album 'Pontiac' - arguably his most successful record. It incorporated folk, jazz and pop, and attracted a much wider audience.

Lyle has also done some acting - appearing in numerous Robert Altman films like 'The Player' and 'Shortcuts'. But music is his forte. In all, he's released more than a dozen albums, and won four Grammy Awards. Now, he has a new album - his fourteenth, called 'Natural Forces'.

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