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Guest Luis Moreno-Ocampo

Luis Moreno-Ocampo is a prosecutor, but you could also call him a salesman. He's spent the last eight years peddling a new and radical idea; a system of global justice. The concept that no person - no matter how rich or powerful - should be above the rule of law.

As the first prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Luis's job is to hold the world's worst criminals accountable. We're talking about war lords, and perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity. Since being elected he's brought 13 cases to the court and spent more than a billion dollars, but hasn't yet seen a single conviction. And that's not the only fodder for critics; many claim the ICC applies double standards against African nations, and blocks the way for more peaceful solutions.

His term with the ICC is now finished, but in March 2012, the court handed down a guilty verdict in the case of warlord Thomas Lubanga. The case represented the first successful conviction of a criminal at the ICC. Luis stepped down on June 16, and Lubanga was sentenced the following month.

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