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Guest Little Mosque On The Prairie Cast

Ahhh, 'Little Mosque on the Prairie,' aka, the little Canadian show that could. From day one, the show had its skeptics; but six seasons, and 90 episodes later, all the skeptics are long gone.

The show focused on big-city lawyer Amaar Rashid, who leaves Toronto to lead a Mosque in Mercy, Saskatchewan. It was the classic "fish-out-of-water" routine, but the idea of a taking lighthearted look at religion - and specifically, Islam - was uncharted territory for North American TV.

The show's creator, Zarqa Nawaz, saw potential comedy gold, similar to the themes in her 1995 short film, 'BBQ Muslims.' More than 2 million Canadians tuned in for the 'Little Mosque' premiere, back in 2007; Since then, the show has been picked up in more than 80 countries worldwide, and sparked a conversation about the perception of Islam in popular culture. Back in 2008, the show was even mentioned in a diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks - apparently, American diplomats felt the show reflected negative stereotypes about the US.

With the two-part series finale, the show wrapped up its story lines, but there is still the question of its legacy: how has 'Little Mosque' changed the TV landscape, both in this country, and beyond?

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