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Guest Lisa Ray

You know how some things are just impossible to nail down? Like when Sidney Crosby's going to get a totally clean bill of health; how many Oscars is a Genie worth; just what exactly does the Senate really do?

There was a time when it was hard to pin down Lisa Ray, too. You see, Lisa's a bit of a nomad. After leaving Toronto for Mumbai on a family trip, she became a model in India at 16. Then she gave that up to become a Bollywood actress in films like Kasoor, and then she gave that up to take on international work that was a little more satisfying to her soul: indie films like 'A Stone's Throw' and 'I Can't Think Straight' and, of course, Deepha Mehta's 'Water'.

But in 2009, just after Lisa's mother passed away, Lisa was diagnosed with a rare cancer: multiple myeloma. It shook her to the core, literally. The disease affects white blood cells and bone marrow. Getting sick forced her to confront the ultimate question: what really matters?

Following stem cell therapy, Lisa pulled through with a new lease on life. Newly engaged to Jason Dehni (the guy behind Artbound, an international children's charity), she's also got a new gig hosting 'Top Chef Canada'. Proving she might just be willing to settle down after all.

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