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Guest Lionel Tiger

Everyone knows - when the guys go out drinking, what's their excuse? "Male bonding."

Ditto for watching the game. Or how about hitting a strip joint? Yep, once again... "Male bonding." That term has become part of our culture, and Lionel Tiger is the guy who coined it.

Lionel is from Canada, and is now a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He's an expert in evolutionary anthropology. Basically, he studies how and why people have evolved - both culturally and biologically, and he's been at it for more than forty years.

He developed the "male bonding" concept in the late Sixties. Since then, he's weighed in on pleasure - and why we pursue it. And explained why women are destined to dominate men in society.

Now, Lionel's teamed up with neuroscientist Michael McGuire to tackle something new... religion. They've concluded that people are hardwired to embrace a God. In fact, they say, our brains create religion - to then feed on it. You see, they argue that stress leads to so-called "brainpain."

And religion provides us with the antidote, which they call "brainsoothe." They lay it all out in their new book, 'God's Brain.'

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