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Guest Liam Gallagher & Nicole Appleton

You probably remember Nicole Appleton from her All Saints days - she was a member of one of the most successful pop groups from the '90s. All Saints had five number-one singles, and about 10 million records sold around the world. They had the biggest hits and shortest tops in Britain.

But within four years, it was all over. So, what do you do when you've been at the top of the pop universe and then it suddenly goes away? How's it feel?

Well, Nicole and her sister Natalie - also from All Saints - combined forces for a while in a pop outfit called Appleton. It didn't last, but now Nicole's re-emerged as host of Cover Me Canada.

Every week Nicole brings us the soundtrack of this glorious nation as interpreted by a whole new crop of artists who are trying to make it in the music business.

Her connection to Canada is actually pretty strong; Nicole was born in Hamilton and lived in Canada as a young girl, before moving to England - a place that's produced a few decent musicians in its day, no?

One of 'em is Liam Gallagher, Nicole's partner for the last decade or so. He's the front man of the new group Beady Eye, and of course, former front man of Oasis. Liam's got a bit of a rep: at times, he's shown the all the charm and grace of a football hooligan, but he seems to have mellowed out lately. He's a doting Dad, and this past weekend he showed his wife a little support with a guest appearance On Cover Me Canada.

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