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Guest Les Stroud

Survivalist Les Stroud knows survival better than any other person alive. He's made his name pitting himself against nature in his popular hit TV series 'Survivorman'. In fact, Les Stroud created what we now call the genre of "survivor TV" - he was the first to really do it.

Week after week, we watched him videotape himself trying to stay alive for 7 days - alone, and with no food and water - in places as harsh as the Kalahari Desert and the Arctic ... facing predators like jaguars and polar bears.

A pioneer in the field of survival adventures, his 1st book 'Survive! - Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere - Alive!' is still the go-to bible for outdoor adventurers everywhere. After 3 documentaries, and four different TV series, 6 Gemini nominations... his current TV show 'Les Stroud Beyond Survival' features Les learning ancient survival skills from indigenous tribes in remote locations around the world (OLN in Canada and on Discovery Channel in the US).

Now he's back with a new book 'Will to Live' - sharing the stories of other outdoor adventurers, and taking a close look at who survives and why.

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