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Guest Léa Pool

One in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during their lifetime, and one in 29 will die of it. In the face of this devastating disease, people of all stripes have come together to raise money to find a cure and breast cancer has become the poster child for cause-related marketing.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Léa Pool, and produced by the National Film Board - 'Pink Ribbons, Inc.' looks at whether it's possible to balance corporate interests with women's health in the race to raise money for breast cancer research.

Montreal-based director Léa Pool has been exploring the complexity of women's lives for over 30 years... from her auspicious debut in 1984 'La Femme de l'Hôtel', 'Emporte-Moi' which won the Ecumenical Jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 1999, to 'Lost and Delirious' which stars Jessica Paré from 'Mad Men'. Léa Pool's bottom line message is: "Think before you pink".

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