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Guest Laurence Fishburne

If the earth was completely covered in ice, and you were one of just a few survivors - who would you trust to lead you?

My money would be on Laurence Fishburne.

This is the guy who, at 14, lied about his age to be a part of 'Apocalypse Now'. In the wilds of The Philippines, Laurence worked with the renegade genius Dennis Hopper - and, this is surprising - saved the life of Emilio Estevez.

And there were more iconic roles to come. The upstanding father and moral authority at the heart of 'Boyz n the Hood'. Then an Oscar nod for playing the rock & roll originator and lousy husband Ike Turner in 'What's Love Got To Do With It'.

And let's not forget, he can fight like a Hong Kong action star, and look pretty damn cool doing it, as he proved in The Matrix movies. Plus, he knows his way around a crime scene in Vegas, and in the new series 'Hannibal'.

In his last film, Laurence went head on into a different apocalypse with 'The Colony', a sci-fi thriller set in the next ice age.

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