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Guest Larry Miller

Larry Miller's usually not the main guy in the movie, but when he shows up in a scene, you feel like you've known him forever. He's been in more than 100 films and TV shows. And for someone who's such a successful actor, he keeps a pretty level head when it comes to all that Hollywood BS. The man loves to take aim at the absurdity of American life. He hosts a podcast about it called 'This Week with Larry Miller,' and he even wrote a book about it: 'Spoiled Rotten America.'
But you probably know Larry best from the motion-picture shows, even though acting wasn't something he'd planned on. Larry grew up on Long Island, and actually hoped to be a musician. Then one night in 1977, he stumbled into a comedy club where oh, a little guy called Jerry Seinfeld was performing. So Larry got into comedy himself, and then acting - and actually ended up being runner-up to play George Costanza.

Since then, he's appeared in everything from 'Law & Order' to 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' to the Christopher Guest movies. And all those adventures have translated into some pretty juicy tales because Larry's back on the comedy stage with a one-man show: It's called 'Cocktails with Larry Miller: Little League, Adultery & Other Bad Ideas.'

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