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Guest Larry King

Larry King is a broadcasting institution.

Tens of thousands of interviews, more than half a century on the air, the famous and the infamous, the scandal-plagued and the powerful - they've all told their stories to Larry.

But what about his story? Well, Larry is a Jewish kid from Brooklyn, born in the depression. His parents emigrated from Eastern Europe. His dad died young, and Larry grew up poor. He dreamed of working in radio, but didn't have the grades to go to college. So, he hoofed it to Miami at twenty-two and landed a gig doing odd jobs at a small radio station. When an announcer walked off the job, Larry ended up on-air for the first time. That was May 1st, 1957.

Over the next decade, he built his reputation - interviewing the likes of Jackie Gleason, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King. But Larry was a gambler and a big spender, and in the early Seventies, he got himself in financial and legal trouble. He got caught up in a complex political scandal and ended up facing grand larceny charges - charges that were eventually dropped. He also plead no contest to passing bad cheques.

But Larry bounced back - eventually landing a national late night radio call-in show. That led to his move to TV, and the launch of 'Larry King Live' in 1985. The show was a hit, and Larry became one of CNN's first stars.

But it hasn't always been easy. In '87, he suffered a life-changing heart attack, and over the years, he's been married seven times to six women - with kids ranging in age from eight to fifty. He tells the whole story in his new autobiography 'My Remarkable Journey.'

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