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Guest Lance Reddick

If the universe had done things a little differently, we could have known Lance Reddick for his Theory of Gravitational Pull rather than his tenacious, fascinating characters like Cedric Daniels from 'The Wire', or Johnny Basil from 'OZ'. Lance went to college for a year to study physics before dropping out to pursue his real passion... which, crazily enough, wasn't acting. Lance shifted his focus to music. He was trained in classical piano as a kid, and spent a number of years as a struggling pop artist, working all kind of odd jobs to support his young family.

When you watch the fire in Lance's eyes onscreen today, it's hard to believe he fell into acting almost as a fluke. Looking for a way to support his pop career, he began picking up acting roles here and there in local theatre productions. And slowly, acting began to eclipse everything else. On a whim, Lance applied to theatre school at Yale, and they took him in. By the late '90s, Lance started creeping into small parts on TV shows like 'Swift Justice', 'The Nanny', 'Law and Order' and 'The West Wing'.

Today, Lance has delved into sci-fi on the FOX series 'Fringe', where he's currently playing Homeland Security agent Phillip Broyles. The fifth and final season kicks off September 28th. On the show, Broyles has several different parallel universe versions of himself - a concept that, judging by his beginnings, Lance knows lots about.

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