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Guest Kristin Scott Thomas

Sure, she's starred opposite some of Hollywood's finest leading men (think Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford), but for Kristin Scott Thomas it all started with The Artist Currently Known as Prince.

He cast Kristin in his directorial debut, the 1986 film, 'Under The Cherry Moon'. It was no cinematic masterpiece, but it set Kristin up for a successful career in Hollywood. She went on to star in movies like 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', 'Mission Impossible' and the beloved classic, 'The English Patient'.

Based on the book by Canadian Michael Ondaatje, 'The English Patient' is about a pilot shot down during the Second World War. A story that just happened to echo two tragic events from Kristin's own childhood.

These days, Kristin divides her time between England and France, dabbling in both British and French cinema. In her latest film, 'Dans la Maison', French auteur François Ozonin explores the often dangerous implications of that commonly held lesson taught in literary class: to 'write what you know.'

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