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Guest Kristin Kreuk

Did Kristin Kreuk choose to pursue a career in acting, or did the career choose her?

Growing up in Vancouver, Kristin was planning to follow a more conventional path, with dreams of becoming a marine biologist.

Then, in her final year of high school, at the urging of one of her teachers, she auditioned for the CBC teen drama 'Edgemont'. Kristin got the part, and the opportunities haven't stopped since.

Kristin went on to star in 'Smallville', all about the exploits of young Superman; she spent seven years as the complicated and occasionally devious Lana Lang.

Now, Kristin has got a new leading role, starring in 'Beauty and the Beast', the latest interpretation of the classic love story.

And, speaking of beauty, Kristin is using her public profile to try and promote better self-esteem among young girls, encouraging the notion that beauty is more than skin-deep.

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