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Guest Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall says people are often disappointed when they realize she's not Samantha Jones, the character that really put the sex in Sex and the City. But even if Kim's not as over-the-top as Samantha, she certainly has her drive, at least where her career is concerned. Look at her film choices after the series ended: she worked with Roman Polanski on The Ghost Writer, and took on a seriously unglamorous role as an aging porn star in Meet Monica Velour.

Kim's also getting serious about things that matter in her own life, at a time when health issues are starting to hit home. Having dealt with a breast cancer storyline on Sex and the City, she's modeled the target Tee for the Rethink Breast Cancer campaign and has narrated a new Canadian documentary about the disease.

Her latest move? She recently appeared on Broadway, starring as a woman who falls in love with her ex-husband (played by Paul Gross) in the Noel Coward classic 'Private Lives'. The play took Kim back to her roots in the theatre, and, just like 'Sex and the City', challenges our ideas about love, marriage and happiness.

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