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Guest Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers has been a working actor since he was just six years old. He owes his long and diverse career to hard work, supportive parents, and ... Marty McFly.

You see, Kevin's first movie role was in 'Life With Mikey', and he's pretty sure he only got the part because he happened to look like a young Michael J. Fox.

But that was two decades ago, and Kevin has since proven himself a versatile and accomplished actor. After carrying the Air Bud franchise through four installments, he went on to star in some hard-hitting movies, like the critically acclaimed 'Transamerica'.

Despite living in L.A. and carving out a name for himself in Hollywood, Kevin still considers himself a Canadian actor, and prides himself on making Canadian pictures. In his most recent, Kevin teams up with Laurence Fishburne in the action-packed, post-apocalyptic thriller, 'The Colony'.

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