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Guest Kevin Smith

It wasn’t that long ago that Kevin Smith, director of the iconic Clerks and pioneer in the art of indie filmmaking, made a very surprising announcement: he was retiring. Fed up with the hassle of making movies within the studio system, where spending on promotion got priority over spending on production, he chose to step aside. Sort of.

Then a funny thing happened. He stumbled on a very odd story about a man and a Walrus. And even though the story turned out to be a hoax, it inspired him to write and make Tusk, which he describes as a Canadian horror movie.

Oh, and he’s promised to make Clerks III, which he calls The Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. And then what? Who knows, but it likely includes adding to an impressive array of podcasts. He also hosts a weekly show called Spoilers, where regular folks like you and me get to weigh in on the movies, too.

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