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Guest Kevin Newman

Back in the day, TV news anchors had a pretty traditional and well-defined gig: Put on a suit, sit at a desk, and monologue the news - the newscaster as the "voice of God". Well, for better or worse, our media landscape is shifting, and nobody knows it better than Kevin Newman.

Kevin paid his dues as a reporter in Toronto, and spent some time with the CBC - he even did some fill-in work as an anchor on 'The National.' Kevin's talent eventually took him south of the border. For a while, he was a co-host on 'Good Morning America' - a covert Canadian, working in the den of American TV.

After years in the States, Kevin decided to come home. For nine years, he was the anchor for the upstart 'Global National,' a job that took him across the country, and beyond. Then, in 2010, Kevin consciously set out to redefine his career. These days, not only is he a co-anchor on CTV's 'Question Period,' speaking truth to power on Parliament Hill, he's also CTV's official "Digital News Evangelist" (yes, that's his actual title). Basically, Kevin is focused on where news is heading in the 21st century, and the changing ways we tell stories. So, does TV news still matter? Can news be a two-way conversation? And as we witness a changing of the guard, will old media giants be forced to evolve, or get out of the way?

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