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Guest Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand has spent a lot of time on screen either killing people, being killed, or generally terrorizing every living thing within a two kilometre radius. Psychopaths, assassins, hostile aliens, neo-Nazi hitmen - Kevin's played 'em all. But, when you're 6'6", and you can harness the dark and twisted, it may as well be a good thing for your career.

Now, by all accounts, Kevin is, actually, a nice guy: a kid from Thunder Bay, Ontario, who moved to Hollywood, and made it big. He got his break in a movie called 'Mystery, Alaska,' where he met and befriended a guy by the name of Russell Crowe. In fact, when Russell's band put out an album, Kevin provided a little help, in the form of rap.

As for acting, TV fans might recognize Kevin as the ruthless Keamy, on 'Lost'. As per usual, he played a violent, detestable creep, but one who was incredibly fun to hate.

So, what does all that darkness do to your psyche? Hopefully nothing damaging, because for Kevin, there's more to come: This year, he'll appear in David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' - one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 . Plus he's got a new movie, 'Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster,' which won a Genie this year for best Canadian feature. Yes, it's about a notorious bank robber, and yes, Kevin's character is in prison, but remember: all the best bad guys have got layers.

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