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Guest Ken Jeong

We've all made impractical choices; Ken Jeong is no exception.

Despite having a successful career as a medical doctor, Ken gave it up to do what he loved: comedy.

The son of a college professor, Ken was academically gifted, but a performer at heart. Even after starting his career in medicine, Ken was doing stand-up on the side.

On screen, Ken got his break in Judd Apatow's 'Knocked Up', but things really took off when Ken starred in 'The Hangover' playing the volatile Mr. Chow.

The first 'Hangover' was a huge success, but it came during a difficult time in Ken's life: his wife, Tran, had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her support and struggle inspired Ken to fully commit to his dream.

Now, with Tran cancer-free, Ken's enjoying the business of making people laugh. And with the release of 'The Hangover Part Three', Ken can look back on his choices with no regrets... something he and Mr. Chow have in common

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