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Guest Ken Finkleman

Who would you be if you stripped away all filters, politeness and social etiquette? How would you behave if you were allowed to live as your most raw and honest self? Ken Finkleman is pretty well acquainted with that guy. In fact, that guy has a name: George Findlay. You might remember him as the main character on CBC's 'The Newsroom' - he played the curmudgeonly, commitment-phobic TV producer who managed to offend someone, oh, 42 times per hour. Since then, George Findlay has been reincarnated on several other shows - 'More Tears,' 'Foolish Heart' and 'Foreign Objects' - and just last year, George resurfaced yet again on the HBO series 'Good Dog.'

But George wouldn't have such a long and colourful past if his creator, Ken Finkleman wasn't also a Emmy-winning screenwriting legend. He wrote 'Airplane 2' and 'Grease 2,' as well as the '80s film 'Who's That Girl' starring Madonna, and has developed a real reputation for his satirical, acerbic and often timely wit.

This month, Ken's back on the scene with a new 10-part comedy series called 'Good God.' This time, George Findlay finds himself at the helm of conservative, right wing newsroom, having to navigate all kinds of zealots and fundamentalists. As Ken says of his new series, "The struggle for truth through the celebration of ignorance continues."

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