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Guest Kelly Cutrone

PR maven Kelly Cutrone has become her own brand of punk-rock cool. She doesn't wear makeup, always dresses in black, and swears like a sailor... and yet Kelly's become a major force in the glossy fashion industry.

For 15 years she's run her own PR company, 'The People's Revolution', and she's done it her way - repping clients ranging from fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood, to spiritual healers and various political causes dear to her heart. Along the way she's become a reality TV star on MTV's 'The Hills', 'The City', and her own show, 'Kell on Earth.'

Plus, her first book of tough love advice - 'If You Have to Cry, Go Outside' - was a New York Times best seller. Now she's back with a new self help book 'Normal Gets You Nowhere' and it's a call to action to follow your own path.

Kelly also recently announced the name of her new MTV pilot: 'Normal Gets You Nowhere,' which is the title of her new book, as well. In the show, she'll travel through middle America reminding unimaginative parents about the power of art, and helping kids to realize their dreams.

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