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Guest Kathleen Robertson

In Gus van Sant's new TV series, 'Boss', Kathleen Robertson plays the top political aide to the mayor of Chicago - a guy with a prettttty huge secret. Her character says "Yes sir" more times than you can count, but underneath her unflappable façade, she has a strong instinct that something is deeply wrong with her boss... and watching her, you get the sense that this is one lady who's gonna figure it out before too long.

That's the kind of character Kathleen Robertson does best - fiery, wild, unexpected women who are always a little more complicated and surprising than they first appear to be. With so many clichéd female characters in film, what does Kathleen look for in a role that allows her to avoid falling into that trap?

You might remember her as Clare Arnold, the wild-child high schooler who went after Brandon in the original '90210'. That intense, brooding energy evolved and exploded, and Kathleen landed a role playing Evelyn Dick in the movie 'Torso' - the murderer whose crimes captivated this country back in the 1940s. Well, her performance also captivated the country, 'cause Kathleen earned herself a Gemini nod.

These days, Kathleen's been lured to the laptop. She's been furiously writing several new scripts - look for 'em in 2012. And her first order of business in this glorious new year? The Canadian release of 'Not Since You' - a film about returning to the friends you grew up with, what evolves, and what stays the same.

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