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Guest Kal Penn

Kal Penn was following a long tradition of Hollywood actors with a passion for politics when he decided to support Barack Obama's campaign to become President.

But Kal's involvement went beyond the usual fundraising. He actually rolled up his sleeves and campaigned.

And ultimately, he did the unthinkable, leaving the hit show 'House' and taking a two year sabbatical from the fame and fortune of Hollywood to become a junior White House staffer. He put in long hours for little pay and served his country, working to help repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell', acting as an Obama liaison to arts communities, and even delivering a speech at the Democratic National Convention leading up to Obama's reelection.

Not bad for a guy who initially made a name for himself in a stoner comedy franchise.

Kal has since returned to acting, joining his 'Harold & Kumar' castmate, NPH, on 'How I Met Your Mother'. And soon, he'll host a competition series on Discovery Channel called 'The Big Brain Theory.'

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