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Guest Justin Trudeau

In Canadian politics, the name Trudeau is quite simply iconic. It carries a lot of weight, but also a lot of expectations. And Justin Trudeau knows it. He's known it all his life.

Remember, he spent his childhood in the Prime Minister's residence. And get this... When he was eight, Justin had an audience with the Pope. How many kids can say that? Well now, he's in his late thirties, and like his father, he's working on Parliament Hill - elected in 2008, as a Liberal in Montreal. But politics wasn't always part of the plan.

Justin was a teacher for five years and generally, stayed out of the spotlight. But in 2000, things changed. Justin - at twenty-eight - delivered a memorable eulogy at his father's funeral, and instantly, there was speculation he would follow his father into politics.

After that, Justin took on a more public persona, speaking out on the environment, education, and empowering young people. Even his wedding became a national story.

Now, Justin is earning his stripes as an MP. And to many hardcore Liberals, he represents the future of the party. Justin is also helping to promote a new book about his father called 'Just Watch Me.'

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