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Guest Juliette Lewis

She's an award-winning actress and a rocker. But somehow the word that best describes Juliette Lewis is renegade. Over the last 20 years she's bypassed the safe Hollywood path, by courting controversy, taking risks, and switching gears. At the heart of it Juliette says she's a character actor, just like her dad, Geoffrey Lewis. When she was just 18 she managed to steal the spotlight from Robert De Niro (no easy feat) in the infamous auditorium scene in 'Cape Fear'. Her role as the vulnerable Leigh Bowden earned an Oscar nod and a reputation as a great actress.

She's worked steadily in film ever since, but remains passionate about her music. She's toured the world with her band, Juliette Lewis and the Licks and been named one of the hottest women in rock by Blender Magazine. Juliette's latest role was in the TV series called 'The Firm'. The show picked up ten years after the famous film left off. Juliette played Tammy, the loyal and sassy paralegal originally portrayed by Holly Hunter.

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