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Guest Julie Payette

Growing up, most of us dream of travelling to space - and then reality kicks in. Unless you're Julie Payette.

The Montreal native is just the second Canadian woman to have flown to space, and she's been there twice! First, as part of the Space Shuttle Discovery crew in 1999, becoming the first Canadian to visit the International Space Station - and then again this past summer, aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor.

There's more to Julie than just being an astronaut. She's also an accomplished musician, who has performed with Montreal's Symphony Orchestra, has her pilot's license, and speaks six languages. How's that for being well rounded!

It should come as no surprise then, that back in 1992, Julie beat out more than five thousand applicants to be trained as an astronaut by the Canadian Space Agency. And she's never disappointed. Overall, she's spent more than twenty-five days in space, operated our very own Canadarm up there, and travelled more than four million miles. Too bad she can't collect the airline points.

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